Wilderness Run Vineyards host a wide collection of wines that appeal to any palate and desire. Our wine program displays our creativity and broad sources of inspiration. With exploration of flavors in mind, we do not adhere to any other rule other than drink what you like. 


Free Spirited

Our growing selection of "country" wines is exactly what you think it is. Easy going wines for the enthusiast that prefers to sip something sweet on the water or at a picnic. This is the wine to pick up before you go to on a fried chicken picnic or when you set out for weekend at the lake. We love the look on someones face as they remember their Grandpa that would make jugs of something similar in his backyard. 

Monroe Merlot.png
Stonewall Cab.png


History Imbued in Oak

Our historical series of wines is where we partner with local historians and museums to co-create classic style french wines. These wines age for a period of time in oak before they're bottled where we capture the likeness of the men and women involved in the bottle. These are some of our patrons favorite wines as they are usually medium bodied and easy drinking. 

Field Blend.png


Estate Grown Vintage

These are our prized possessions intended for the connoisseur. Our estate wines enjoy a mild winter and a warm Virginia sun where they reach into our red clay and deliver an unforgettable wine. We only bottle these in the best years with ultra premium Portuguese cork so they are perfect for opening for a close friends and family or laying down for up to 15 years. 

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Orchard Peach.png
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Petit Verdot.png